How many labels on a roll?!!!

How increasing your label rolls only slightly, can HALF your downtime!

That’s a very bold claim, I hear you say!  It’s not magic or any special trickery, just maths….

Here’s a little known fact:  The larger the roll of labels becomes, the number of labels you get per roll increases significantly.  I don’t just mean proportionally, ie 50% bigger rolls don’t give 50% more labels NO, it’s better than that.  Much better.

Now, consider how many times your operators change the label rolls on your labellers or print & apply machines per day and work out the time to change them – not just the threading up time but the time to walk to stores, pick up another roll and have a chat about last night’s TV… then you start to get the picture!

Bigger IS better!

Let’s take an example…

An offline benchtop printer and a print & apply labeller.

Typically, unless you have a portable printer, an industrial benchtop label printer will take a roll measuring 200mm diameter and a print & apply labeller will take 300mm.

A fairly standard label size for an outer box label is 100mm wide by 75mm long, plus a 3mm gap.  On a 200mm diameter roll, you will get 2,550 labels per roll, whereas on the 300mm diameter, it goes up to a considerable 6,600 per roll.

So a 50% increase in size, has given us 61% more labels on a roll.

Let’s look at some more examples:

Label Length 200mm (8-inch) dia. 300mm (12-inch) dia. 400mm (16-inch) dia.
50mm 3,750 9,750 17,900
75mm 2,550 6,600 12,150
100mm 1,900 5,000 9,200
150mm 1,250 3,350 6,200

As you can see, the increase in labels from 300mm to 400mm diameter is massive for such a relatively small increase!  Upgrading from 300mm to 400mm is only a 33.3% increase but the number of  labels increases by 46%.

So just by using 400mm rolls in production, nearly HALVES the number of roll changes!!!

Therefore if you have a high-volume labelling requirement, it is well worth considering looking at label applicators and print & apply labellers that have the option to take the slightly larger roll capacity, to minimise the amount of downtime incurred, due to less frequent change-overs!

Machines in the ALS product range that can take larger 400mm diameter rolls are:

Labellers:  ALS 306, ALS 309, ALS FastPaQ

Print & Apply:  ALX 734, ALX 735 and ALX 736

And for those of you stuck with your benchtop printers, fear not, we also sell 300mm and 400mm diameter powered jumbo roll unwinders!!!