Ultra High Speed Labelling Machine: ALS FastPaQ Series

The world’s fastest labelling machine!

Built in Britain, the ALS FastPaQ series is specifically designed to offer ultra high speed labelling and high levels of accuracy. Mechanically rugged, the ALS FastPaQ label applicators dispense labels at an incredible 375 metres per minute. No other labelling machine is faster.

Precision Accuracy with Unbelievable Speed

ALS is very proud to introduce the world’s fastest labelling machine. These high speed labellers will revolutionise the productivity of your business.

The machines are mechanically rugged with virtually no wear parts and with a modular design to integrate into the tightest of production lines. Each machine is capable of applying labels for 24 hours a day, seven days a week – a continuous label application for the largest of production lines.

Investing in an ALS FastPaQ labeller will boost your productivity and packaging processes. You won’t even have to worry about usability. Each machine has been designed with ease of use in mind and comes equipped with a straight-forward and easy to use interface.

As an added bonus, ALS provides a fully comprehensive, on-site, two-year warranty for any machine in the FastPaQ Series.

Technical specifications

Label output

3,000/min or 200,000/hour, dependent on label length

Dispensing speed (up to)

150m/min for HS model
250m/min for VHS model
375m/min for UHS model

Maximum material width



Die cut, self-adhesive labels with backing liner

Winding direction

Rolls: Inside or outside
Fan-fold labels possible

Label roll diameter


Core diameter

38.1mm (1.5”) or 76.2mm (3”)

Label length

Up to 500mm


ALS FastPaQ Series (PDF, 3.09MB) Labelling Machine Leasing (PDF, 1.44MB)