Automatic: Performance Class: ALS 306 / 309

The ALS 306 and ALS 309 are the first of a truly unique range of modular automatic label applicators. They combine high-speed labelling with the highest accuracy to give you the ultimate labelling experience. The ALS 300 range offers a completely new modular concept. Routine maintenance has never been so easy!

High Performance Labelling Applicators – Suitable for all Production Lines

The ALS 306 and ALS 309 labelling machines offer extensive benefits and present new possibilities to industrial manufacturers and system integrators.

Our modular, flexible, high-speed labelling applicators are the perfect fit to existing production lines, are easy to maintain and will boost your run-time as they are designed for 24/7 production lines.

In particular, if you need to apply very large labels, then purchasing the ALS 306 will be a great asset to your business. This machine can easily handle 6” labels, and if you require even bigger, the ALS 309 model is for you – it has the capacity for up to 9” labels.

If you own or purchase the ALS 306, because of the modular concept, it can very simply be upgraded to an ALS 309 by changing the apply and rewind modules. This revolutionary design point future-proofs your initial investment.


Technical specifications

Dispensing speed (up to)

60m/min for ALS 306
45m/min for ALS 309

Maximum material width

160mm for ALS 306
233mm for ALS 309


Die cut, self-adhesive labels with backing liner

Winding direction

Inside or outside winding accepted

Label roll diameter


Core diameter

38.1mm (1.5”) or 76.2mm (3”)

Label length

10mm to 600mm


55kg for ALS 306
56kg for ALS 309


ALS 306, 309 Performance Class (PDF, 1.09MB)