Features of Label Print & Apply Machines

Advanced Labelling Systems Ltd offer both On-Demand and Batch Label Print and Apply machines.

Common features of our Label Print and Apply machines

  • Both machines can come in 3 label width sizes: 4-inch, 5-inch, and 6-inch
  • Both can apply labels with direct wipe-on method
  • Optional add-on modules: Blow-on, Tamp-On, Swing-On
  • Both feature fully integrated electronics and common interfaces
  • Both have ribbon-save, which minimises the use of thermal transfer ribbon when printing long labels
  • Both are compatible with the off-line desktop Chess-64 printer range
  • Both come with the ALS unique 2-Year, on-site warranty
  • Both feature the ALS lifetime print-head warranty, when used with ALS labels and ribbons

Features of On-Demand Print and Apply

Main Use: Where the information on every label could potentially be different, such as; mail-order/logistics and pharmaceutical serialisation.

  • Labels are printed at the time of application (Real-time)
  • Multiple application methods
  • Control:  Variable data, specific to each product, can be managed better. E.g. variable weights, serial numbers, tracking numbers, mailing addresses.
  • On-demand label application

Label print and apply machine with LA-SO applicator ribbon-save feature reduces waste

Features of Batch Print & Apply

Main Use: Batch production – where most of the variable information remains constant between products.

  • Labels are printed into a buffer loop before application
  • Very high labelling speeds while still maintaining high throughput rates
  • Application Speed- Significantly faster application speeds, as labels are taken from the loop and not restricted by the print engine
  • Easy integration into tight spaces and in product handling units such as wrap-around devices

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Label scanning and verification equipment:

We support our label print and apply applicators with scanners that can check linear barcodes and 2-D matrix codes, either prior to application or on-pack after application.  For reading of text, codes and graphical content, then complete vision cameras are available to validate that the complete label has been printed correctly and in many circumstances, will also confirm the label has been applied to the correct product and in the right position.  The possibilities are endless!

Confused? Don’t worry- Tell us what you need to label and we’ll advise the right type of machine.