Heavy-Duty Label Printers: XLP 60x

A high-performance range of heavy-duty industrial label printers for barcode, text & graphics.  Features fast printing, auto ribbon-save & razor sharp print quality.

If your criteria are speed and flawless print quality, then an XLP 60x barcode label printer is the perfect answer.

The XLP 60x Series pack a punch: They are significantly faster than their competitors and are extremely economical and easy to use. Irrespective of whether you require barcodes, tags or production labels, at 300 dpi, the high print resolution guarantees unbeatable printed results, permanently. This is thanks to their high-performance processor.

With their wide range of built-in fonts, extensive linear barcode and 2-Dimensional code library, they also reproduce graphical images with flair. In addition, they have the ability to rotate scalable fonts virtually without restriction, so there’s very little they can’t do!

And if the high performance processor on the XLP 60x Series isn’t enough, it comes with a whopping 64 MB memory capacity as standard, to give the ultimate performing label and barcode printer in its class.


ALS manufactures its own plain and printed labels for use in the XLP 60x series, XLP 50x and all other label printers.  A huge selection of plain label sizes are available and if you want your own design, shape or special label material, then we make custom labels too.  To read more about the labels we make, click the link:  http://www.als-uk.com/labels/

Thermal Transfer Ribbons

We also supply thermal transfer ribbons in various widths and lengths in black and all other colours too!  We can help you select the grade of ribbon you need to suit your labelling requirement.  We also supply ribbons for all other printer makes too.  To read more about our ribbons, click the link:  http://www.als-uk.com/thermal-transfer-ribbons

GS1 Partner

If you need help producing your EAN-13 product barcode labels, 2D codes or GS1-128 outer-case barcodes for shipping, then since ALS is a GS1 Partner, you know you are getting the best advice.

Other Features:

No Waiting

Thanks to the multi-tasking operating system, the 400MHz MIPS AMD CPU transfers your data almost instantaneously and delivers top-class results at up to 400 mm/s at a resolution of 300 dpi.

Trust in the Dot Check

A tried and tested verification package (the standard dot check function and/or the optional online verifier) ensures reliable print results even with complex applications.

Practical and Flexible

Technology can be this simple: for example, the quick change function. The print head can be changed quickly and efficiently without the need for extra tools.

Ribbon-Saving Mechanism

From as little as 6 mm of print-free space, the intelligent ribbon-saving mechanism significantly reduces material consumption and can make significant cost savings.

Extraordinarily Economical

The Chess printer series allows you to draw on unlimited resources. A ribbon capacity of up to 600 metres makes immediate savings and cuts set-up times dramatically.

Printing Harmony

You can’t beat the modular concept. After all, removable accessories such as cutters, rewinders and dispensers makes your work easier, supports all kinds of applications and provides the perfect finish to your printing processes.

Technical specifications

Print width (up to)

106mm for XLP 604
127mm for XLP 605
160mm for XLP 606
213mm for Chess 64-08

Material width (up to)

113mm for XLP 604
154mm for XLP 605
185mm for XLP 606
254mm for Chess 64-08

Print Technology

Thermal direct and thermal transfer printer

Print Head

Intelligent, high-res near-edge print head with integral temperature control


12 dots/mm (300) dpi
quick-change print head module

Print Speed

50-400 mm/s depending on label and ribbon combination

Print Media

Self-adhesive, card and synthetic materials suitable for direct thermal and thermal transfer printing up to 240 g/m2

Ribbon Capacity

Rolls up to 600m in length

Ribbon-Saving Mechanisms

Yes: Automatic head-lift


Avery, Novexx EasyPlug, Zebra ZPL-II, Line printer, Hex dump


400MHz AMD 32-Bit Multi-Tasking CPU, with 64MB RAM

Machine material

Metal casing