Contract Labelling Services

A fast and reliable bureau for correctional and promotional over-labelling work, including source tagging of security labels.

Contract Labelling Services

The ALS contract labelling bureau is a fast and reliable trade service for correctional and promotional over-labelling work, including source tagging of security labels.

Our contract labelling customers provide the highest quality packaging for many of the leading high street brands.  Whether it’s for a last minute barcode change or a marketing promotion, we know how demanding contract labelling can be.  We ensure your products are handled carefully, labelled accurately and delivered back to you on time.  Take a look at some of our past projects here.

We are good at meeting short lead-times with a quick turn-around and our professional levels of service make us the perfect partner for extended marketing activities.

With our proven track record in manufacturing bespoke labelling machines and serving many customers across all industries, you can be assured that ALS offers the best contract services around. Send us your products and labels and we’ll label them, re-box them and ship them back.  If you don’t have labels, then we make them too!


Marketing Campaigns

From the largest contract over-labelling campaigns, to smaller projects for boutique items – we relish the challenge of it all!  We are home to the one of the widest, most complete ranges of standard labelling machines in the industry.  This means we can deliver exceptional service for all projects.  From security labelling to innovative promotions and scented labelling, we provide a complete contract labelling service with a wide range of labelling solutions to perfectly match your packaging and promotional requirements.  To download the brochure click >here<

Source Tagging

We have extensive experience handling and applying all types of EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) security labels; such as Acousto-Magnetic (AM) from Sensormatic™ and Radio Frequency (RF) from suppliers such as All-Tag & Checkpoint.  All our labellers are fitted with well-proven anti-static equipment to ensure that RF labels are not deactivated during labelling. Apply to inside or outside of pre-erected cartons or tickets or even embed underneath another label. If you would like, ALS can also quote to supply the security labels as well.  To download the brochure click >here<


Food products, beverages and pharmaceuticals often have packaging changes forced on them by legislation which otherwise might necessitate scrapping previously made labels or outer cartons.  ALS can provide labels using block-out adhesive which does not allow any printed text or images underneath the applied label, to show through.  It is high-tack and permanent, so is near-impossible to remove and certainly would destroy the packaging if removal was attempted, making it very secure and a cost effective.  To download the brochure click >here<

Multi-Layered & Smart Label Constructions

Create “smart” labels using your standard product labels.  ALS are good at placing labels on top of other labels (peel and read) and embedding labels under labels (RFID and NFC).  Make your labels work harder for you by conveying more information without the need for extra packaging.  NFC-embedded labels allow smart phones to instantly show marketing and product related information by a simple tap on the label, creating a more involving customer experience.  To download the brochure click >here<


We are experienced in many different sectors and have customers in the following industries:

  • Food and beverages
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Cosmetic and personal care
  • FMCG
  • Logistics
  • Security Source Tagging

Past Contract Labelling Projects


We are members of the British Contract Manufacturers and Packers Association.

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