The Fastest Label Applicators in The World

Label applicator machineAdvanced Labelling Systems Ltd (ALS) of Thame, Oxfordshire are proud to announce the launch of the FastPaQTM Series of ultra high-speed self-adhesive label applicators.

Designed and built in the UK, the FastPaQ Series Labellers are designed for applications that demand extremely high labelling rates and high accuracy requirements.

The ALS FastPaQ Series includes the World’s Fastest Labeller, which can dispense at blistering speeds of 375 metres/min and apply up to 3,000 products per minute.  A bold claim but ALS firmly believes there are no other commercially produced self-adhesive labelling machines that can match the speeds and accuracy of the swiftest FastPaQ machines.  Even the mid-range VHS-250 model can dispense at 250 metres/min, which is still way above the top speed of most other manufacturers’ ranges!  The mind-blowing top-end “Ultra” UHS-375 model needs to be seen to be believed.  Dispensing labels at up to 375m/min, there is now the ability to place a self-adhesive labeller in-line with other fast manufacturing processes, such as continuous film, label webs, carton manufacturing and publication printing, without slowing lines down, or having to label off-line as a secondary process, offering new opportunities to increase production efficiency and presenting new possibilities for on-pack promotions or label-on-label constructions.

However, fast labelling means little if accuracy is compromised but incredibly, label dispensing accuracy is +/-0.4mm or better.  The accuracy of the ALS FastPaQ Series labellers makes them ideal for the application of even very small labels where placement accuracy is often critical.

Built to cope with the demands of 24/7 non-stop production, the ALS FastPaQ labellers are mechanically rugged and have virtually no wear parts, while the compact, modular design allows integration into the tightest of production lines.

The FastPaQ Series labellers are incredibly easy to use and come equipped with a straight-forward, operator-friendly control interface. Label recognition and label-web positioning are accomplished with the press of a single button.

With simple installation and easy operation, the FastPaQ labellers from ALS cut down on installation and training costs. With no need for a pressurised air-supply and virtually no wear parts, they are economical to operate and maintain.

For peace of mind, ALS provides a fully comprehensive, on-site, 2-Year Warranty for the FastPaQ Series, as with all their labelling equipment installed throughout the UK.

The amazing UHS-375 model will be on show for the first time in the UK at the EasyFairs PackTech/Packaging Innovations exhibition at the NEC, Birmingham (29 Feb-1 March) on the ALS stand D10.

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