New SAP plug-in for ALS printers

ALS are pleased to announce a new software “plug-in” for SAP which enables direct label printing with ALS industrial label printers.

This new development compliments the HVP (High Volume Printing) module as it acts as a main support for direct printing appliances.

HVP mainly consists of a printer independent drive for all Windows appliances that are installed on the WWI (Windows Word processor Integration) server. As WWI is an enhanced version of Microsoft Word which will allow you to create or edit a document, with the current update of systems, in order to be able to print labels with print and apply systems such as the ALX 730 series and ALX 920 series. HVP is now requiring a plug which will allow received data from a Microsoft Word document into a specific printer format which will make it easier for both the consumer and the customer to store information efficiently. To advise further, you will first need to install this plug-in as it is not featured on your current version of WWI.

ALS are delighted to announce our new plug-in to work alongside all of the WWI software but as stated, for this plug-in to work to the best of its ability, HVP requires both active systems to be in full working order.

To find out any further information on our latest plugin, you can contact ALS on 01844 213177 or email