NEW ALS 306 Labelling Machine

The ALS 306 is the first of a brand new Performance Line range of labellers to be introduced throughout 2008-2009 and is being launched at this year’s PPMA Show.

The new labeller takes a genuinely new look at labelling and offers some clever innovations with built-in future-proofing as part of the design. The labeller is no slouch and effortlessly applies with dispensing speeds of up to 60 metres per minute and with accuracy of +/-0.5mm. The ALS 306 uses three heavy-duty precision stepper motors – one for the powered unwind, one for dispensing and the last for rewind. The synchronised “push-pull” configuration of the drives maintains a constant web tension, so all types of label materials can be handled at speed with no problem.

The braked unwind holds a large 400mm diameter roll, up to 160mm wide and, uniquely, can be placed in four possible positions for best location around the machine when integrated on a production line. Mount two label roll holders on the same machine, a splicing table in between them and you slash label roll changes to under 60 seconds! For ease of servicing and to protect your investment in the ALS 306, the machine has been designed with a unique concept, previously only seen in print and apply machines.

The ALS 306 consists of two easily removable modules – one for label dispensing and the other for rewinding. Simply undo five screws to allow each module to lift straight out; no wires to disconnect or clips to undo – and when the time comes to upgrade to maybe a wider or faster version or change from a dispenser to a print & apply module, just lift one out and slide the new one in! No need to incur the cost of a whole new label machine! There is nothing like this available today and it is sure to start a new trend in design for the next generation of labelling machines.