Automatic Label Splicing

The Auto Splice Dual Unwinder (ASDU) from Advanced Labelling Systems Ltd (ALS) is designed to eliminate downtime during label roll change-overs on all makes of label applicators. The ASDU comes in two versions; the standard “bin-box” model (pictured above) runs at up to 64 metres per minute and the high-speed model has a “festoon” arrangement that allows speeds of up to 110 metres per minute. Both models feature two 500mm unwinds, powered by a high-speed servo drive and is PLC controlled. It is a continuous feed unit designed to improve efficiency with minimum operator effort. The ASDU’s label sensor and DC servo ensure tight and accurate label splicing – which maintains registration through the labeller without snapping. Labels up to 200mm wide and a variety of different types can be handled (for example, promotional, clear and booklet labels) and it is compatible with all labellers from ALS as well as those from other manufacturers. The Auto Splice Dual Unwinder from ALS has been designed to make labelling operations more efficient by freeing up operators for other production tasks.

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