An Introduction to Pallet Labelling

pallet labeller is a complete, purpose-designed system which comprises of an industrial thermal transfer print and apply labelling machine, with print engine and usually a tri-axial applicator system for labelling two adjacent sides of a pallet.

In an automated factory, full safety guarding and an industrial housing is required for all controls, safety switches, electrics, pneumatics and the PLC which controls inputs and outputs.

Pallet labellers such as those from Advanced Labelling Systems Ltd (ALS) are designed to print and apply A5 format GS1 (EAN) pallet labels onto two adjacent faces of a pallet including Serial Shipping Container Codes (SSCC) in accordance with the GS1 (EAN) 128 barcode standard.

Additional features such as barcode scanners confirm the readability of the barcode label just applied and that the label has remained stuck to the pallet after application.

Software integration plays a vital part with implementing any pallet labelling system and it is usual for the labelling machinery supplier to offer integration to the customer’s production control software or ERP system, such as SAP, and work along side the IT department to ensure smooth implementation.

Watch the video clip below of a typical 2-side A5 pallet labeller, printing and applying SSCC codes:


An essential guide to all aspects of barcoding, including the GS1 standard pallet label, GS1-128 barcodes and the SSCC, is the GS1 publication; Barcoding – Getting it Right.

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