Security Tagging Systems – ALS SST

Our robust security tagging machines are specifically designed to apply Self-Seal Tags (SST).  With only fifteen minutes training, an operator will be able to apply tags efficiently and with expert accuracy.

How do security tags work?

There are many different forms of security tags that are used for preventing shoplifting from retail stores, library’s and anywhere that sells products. Within a store like a supermarket, a detection system will trigger an alarm and alert staff within the area when it senses active tags passing through the system which will prevents thieves from shoplifting. You will notice that more stores that provide toilet facilities will have a sounded alarm systems placed on the entrance which will also alert security if someone tries to take unpaid products with them and prevent the risk of shoplifting.




A single operator can apply around 35 tags per minute using one of our security tagging machines, with each tag being accurately placed and correctly dressed onto the product. The security tagging machine operates from a standard power supply and does not require any compressed air, etc which makes for easy installation and low power consumption. In addition, an operator can be trained to set-up and operate the machine in 15/20 minutes, including label roll replenishment.

Efficient and Easy-to-Use Security Tagging Applicators

Easy to master, our single operator, self-seal tag applicators operate from a single power supply to efficiently apply around thirty-five tags per minute. Our specially designed security tagging systems will place each tag accurately and ensure they are correctly attached to:

  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • Blu-rays
  • Video games
  • Electronic goods

Our Self-Seal Security Tag range features three semi-automatic applicators and one fully automatic model. Purchase the SST Tag and Label Applicator to apply a security tag, a price tag or a promotional label at speeds of up to 100 products a minute! This allows you to quickly and easily label products without expensive overheads.



Our range of security tagging systems is already used by several high street retailers, music and media stores, and supermarkets. They are highly praised for their durability, ease of use and quick application time.

Technical specifications

Throughput rate

Up to 35 tags/min

Label Roll Replenishment

Label Roll Replenishment

Products to Label

CD’s, DVD’s and Videos

Standard Power Supply

110/230V AC


ALS SST3 (PDF, 0.32MB)