3-Roller Wrap-around Labeller

A 3-roller wrap-around labeller is the best way to label large diameter cylindrical products with a long body label or to apply a label in registration to the weld seam of a can or other physical characteristic.  The ALS 3-Roller Automatic labeller is modular and can be made for the labelling of filled or empty containers in sizes ranging from 250ml to 25 litres.

  • Cans are transported along a heavy-duty low-friction slat conveyor and are controlled with a pneumatic gate that moves across the conveyor and holds the queue.
  • The gate releases one can at a time.
  • When the can is released, it travels a short distance to the labelling station, where it is pushed against a large driven roller by two smaller, free-running rollers, that move in on pneumatic cylinders.
  • Held between three rollers, the can cannot move forward.
  • The driven roller spins the can and a sensor looks for the weld seam, after which, a signal is sent to the label applicator to dispense a label.
  • The label is applied squarely and uniformly by the rollers, so that no spiralling or creasing occurs.
  • The two smaller rollers are then retracted, which releases the can down the conveyor and then next can is then released automatically by the gate.
  • A queue-back sensor at the out-feed determines whether there is a back-up of cans and will not release the next, until the queue-back has reduced.


Intuitive Control System

Electronic control: PLC with program selection, ensures quick setting and short change-over time.

From the selected program, the container labelling machine automatically makes the necessary settings of label position, handle lift and product detection.

On pre-decorated containers, the 3-roller labeller can detect front and back in the orientation unit.


  • Lid labelling
  • Double dispenser for colour swatch and/or bar code label on larger product label
  • 230 mm web width – allowing larger labels
  • Automatic set-up of the machine
  • Orientation unit and handle lifter
  • Left/right hand execution

Technical specifications

Web width


Print technology

Option - Thermal transfer

Label roll diameter (maximum)

300mm - standard
400mm - option

Compressed air

6 bar

Air consumption

60 l/minute

Electrical supply

110/240V, 50 Hz


220 kg net

Maximum label length


Maximum label height

100mm - ALS 204
155mm - ALS 206/256
230mm - ALS 209


ALS_3-Roller_Wrap_Can_Labeller (PDF, 2.48MB)