The difficulty of keeping labels compliant

Take a look around any budget supermarket, high-end electrical store or anywhere in between, and you’ll notice one common denominator – the necessity of clear, functional and informative labels. No matter the size or type of our business and products, labels are of utmost importance for addressing consumer preference, health issues, ethical concerns, recommended quantities or instructions and a host of other reasons. This is why so many businesses look into contract labelling services for assistance with their packaging.

Keeping up with changes

Because they are so essential to the general consumer process, labels and labelling requirements are constantly adapting with the latest advances in technology, government legislation and the growing need for transparency and traceability. The speed and frequency of these changes is very much influenced by the industry which a company works in, as is the magnitude of the changes themselves. Some businesses may require a complete overhaul of labelling every six months, others will go for several years with only very minor changes like the format of the date.

The health and food industries generally impose the strictest and most rapidly changing standards for labelling, with recent efforts focusing on Unique Device Identifiers (UDIs) for medical equipment, and the controversial hybrid food labelling scheme for food, drinks and consumables. These industries require labelling that is clear, informative and accurate, as the consequences of any confusion could be catastrophic – from a piece of machinery failing during surgery, to a widespread national increase in poor health and diet.

Ensuring your labels stay compliant

It can seem a daunting task to keep up to date with these ever-changing laws and legislations, let alone the effect that they may have on the materials, designs and application systems which you use for labelling products. You may have to reconsider the size and shape of your labels, as well as the artwork or branding which can be found on them – all while ensuring that the information they display actually meets the rules or regulations themselves.

The ease and convenience of contract labelling

Many companies choose contract labelling services like those offered by ALS for an easy and convenient option for keeping labels compliant. Whether changes in legislation require you to include additional information, add tactile warning triangles, create a new style of label or make any other alterations, ALS can deliver a quick and cost-effective solution that ensures compliance. Even if you’re concerned about wasting materials or resources, you’ll be pleased to know that an ALS Labelling machine can be used to rapidly over-label all of your outdated cartons and packaging.

At ALS, we manufacture and use some of the fastest labelling machines on the market, providing a rapid labelling service for the packaging of flat products such as pre-erected cartons, envelopes, sleeves and inserts. All of our own-designed labelling machines are fitted with features for inspection and quality control, which ensure that your labels are printed and applied to the highest standards – and, by extension, guarantee your product’s compliance.

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