New Wide Labeller

Wide label applicator

New ALS 209 Wide label applicator

For applications that demand extra-wide labels, we are pleased to announce the eagerly awaited new ALS 209 label applicator, a new labeller that joins the popular ALS 200 range of machines, capable of handling labels over 9-inches wide (230mm).

The ALS 209 labeller is a model extension within the existing range of; ALS 204, ALS 206 and ALS 256It is based on the ALS 20x/256 frame and electronics and is able to dispense pressure sensitive labels up to a web-width of 230 mm.


The ALS 209 includes similar advantages as known with the ALS 200 family:

● Robust, industrial housing and long-life components

● Flexible and compact triangle-shape for easy line integration

● Large selection of dispensing edges to allow label application to any product shape, whether from the top, side or underneath.

● Apply speed up to 25 metres/minute.

● Large selections of interface and data connections, e.g. Ethernet, to allow simple communication set up with overall production line control.

● Automatic Product Speed Following (APSF) to secure reliable and repeatable application of labels within only +/- 1.0 mm tolerance at variable conveyor speeds

● Tandem application to maximize production line up-time and decrease down times

● Optional IP65 protection level to enable use in wet and dusty environments or wash-down areas

● ALS 209 includes the same, solid firmware as ALS 2xx, which is a benefit for customers already using these models.

● ALS 209 includes the same power supply, CPU, electronics and connections as ALS 204/206 as well as the higher torque stepper motors from the ALS 256.


ALS 209 vs ALS 309

With the ALS 209, we can now offer an additional solution to apply large, wide labels. Typical applications for large labels can be found in the chemical industry (paint cans/containers/aerosols), agrochemical, engine oils and lubricants, catering supplies, building/construction industry and personal care (hair spray aerosols).

ALS 209 will be the best economical selection for applications running at a limited number of labels/minute and apply speed. For higher labelling speed or maximum line uptime demands, the existing ALS 309 will still be the best choice. The larger label rolls and quick change modules of the ALS 309 reduce unnecessary line stoppages for label roll changes or service.

However, when used in wet or dusty environments or close to a machine wash-down area, the optional IP65 kits for ALS 209 deliver the optimum protection for the labeller, not available anywhere else.

ALS 209 is available from January 2016 – contact us now for more details!