Semi-Automatic Label Applicator: ALS 4310

Semi-Automatic Label Applicators

Labelling by hand can be a nightmare!  Manually sticking a label all around a bottle, so that it lines up with itself is virtually impossible to do quickly without messing it up!  Applying labels “by eye”, so that they are central and straight, is not easy! However, there is a way to label your products quickly and for them to look professional with only a minimal budget, using one of the ALS semi-automatic label applicator range. With a choice of three models, a wide variety of applications can be accommodated and for specialist requirements, we can adapt our standard machines to meet your exact needs.

A Robust and Reliable, Low-Cost Labelling Machine

The ALS 4310 Dispenser is rugged and robust, extremely durable and very popular because it is so simple to use.  It presents the label already released from its backing to enable fast application by hand.

For Bottles & Jars: ALS 4310-MRU (Multi-Roller Unit) – allows you to apply labels around the body of cylindrical products and quickly vary the product diameters from 8mm to 125mm, without any re-adjustment of the dispensing edge.  It doesn’t matter if the label is a partial wrap or full wraparound with overlap, the MRU keeps wrapping until the full label has been applied.

For Flat Surfaces: ALS 4310 EP (Extending Pneumatic Tamp) – The “EP” model is for flat-sided products and custom variations allow corner seals on cartons to be applied.  Simply place the product into the jig, tap the footswitch to dispenses a label onto the vacuum pad and the cylinder dabs the label onto the surface, ensuring accurate, repeatable label placement every time.

Our range of semi-automatic label applicators are designed to be simple to use yet be rugged and heavy-duty enough for industrial production use.

Still labelling by hand but don’t have the budget or capacity for a fully automatic labelling line?  Contact us and discover how an ALS semi-automatic label applicator will improve the efficiency and productivity of labelling your products.




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Technical specifications

Label width

8mm to 152mm

Label length (min)


Label length (max – standard models)

999mm for 4310 Dispenser
155mm for 4310 EP
235mm for 4310 MRU
455mm (with optional extension kit) for 4310 MRU

Label roll size

300mm diameter

Label roll core

38mm or 76mm diameter

Dispensing speed (up to)

4.5 metres / minute (fixed)

Product Diameter (MRU)

8mm to 125mm

Applicator Stroke (EP)

80mm or 200mm

Dimensions 4310 Dispenser

610mm x 270mm x 500mm for 4310 Dispenser
700mm x 370mm x 550mm for 4310 EP
530mm x 420mm x 500mm for 4310 MRU


als4310 (PDF, 2.71MB) ALS 4310 E-liquid Labeller (PDF, 1MB) ALS Labelling Machine Leasing brochure (PDF, 1.44MB)