What to consider before buying an industrial bottle labelling machine

When it comes to labelling bottles, jars, tubs and other containers on a production line, having an industrial labelling machine can streamline the process and increase efficiency. However, sourcing the right machine for your needs can be a daunting task. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the key factors to consider when selecting an industrial bottle labelling machine.


Labelling Speed and Accuracy

One of the most important factors to consider when selecting a bottle labelling machine is speed and accuracy. You’ll want to choose a machine that can keep up with your production line’s speed and provide consistent, accurate labelling. How the bottle is presented to the labeller affects the accuracy.  You should expect to achieve a placement accuracy of +/- 1mm, even at high speeds, so be sure to evaluate the machine’s labelling speed and accuracy before progressing too far.  Ask whether features such as speed-adaption, or speed-following are available to handle changes in line speeds automatically.


Bottle Shape and Size Compatibility

Bottle shape and size compatibility are also crucial when selecting a labelling machine. Be sure to choose a machine that is designed to label the specific type of bottle that you’re using. Some machines are designed to handle a wide range of bottle shapes and sizes, while others are only compatible with specific types.  Round, oval and square botttles can usually be handled on the same machine.  Tapered bottles are more difficult to handle so bear this in mind when deciding what shape to go for.


Label Material and Size

Another important factor to consider is the label material and size. Different machines may be designed to handle different label materials, such as paper, clear or metalised PP or PE. You’ll want to choose a machine that is compatible with the type of label material that you’ll be using. Additionally, consider the size of the label that you’ll be applying to the bottle. Make sure that the machine can accommodate the size of label that you need and has suitable detection sensors to detect the types of label materials you will be using.


Machine Durability and Maintenance

Industrial labelling machines are a significant investment, so it’s essential to choose a machine that is built to last. Look for a machine that is constructed with high-quality materials and is designed for heavy use. Additionally, consider the machine’s maintenance requirements. Choose a machine that is easy to clean and maintain, to ensure that it stays in top condition for years to come.  Ask about the duration of the machine warranty.  1 year is standard but you many companies, such as ALS, offer 2 years, on-site.



Finally, consider the user-friendliness of the machine. A labelling machine that is easy to use and requires minimal training can save time and reduce errors. Look for a machine that has a clear and intuitive interface and provides easy access to the labelling components for maintenance and troubleshooting.  Ask whether the company provides on-site training and if they use their own engineers.


In conclusion, sourcing an industrial bottle labelling machine requires careful consideration of several factors. When selecting a machine, consider the labelling speed and accuracy, bottle shape and size compatibility, label material and size, machine durability and maintenance, and user-friendliness. By taking these factors into account, you can find a machine that meets your production needs and provides reliable, accurate labelling for your drink bottles.


Click this link for a short video clip of an ALS Automatic Wraparound Labeller

This versatile wraparound labelling system can be used in a standalone format or integrated into a production line. The system can process a variety of bottles/round containers and apply a full or partial wrapround label. It is also possible to label square bottles/containers. For damp, wet or dusty environments the machine can be specified with IP65 protection. Optional extras include coders, barcode readers, vision systems, rotary collection tables, etc.


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