The Secret to good Print and Apply Labelling

The Key to Successful Print and Apply Labelling

The key to good label application, printing and getting the most out of your label print and apply machines is to use good quality consumables. It sounds like common sense but sometimes it can be hard to tell good from bad. After all, one white paper label looks just like another, so they must be the same, right? Wrong!!! All too often, what customers believe to be machine or printer problems, are in fact down to poorly manufactured labels or ribbons. It is true you tend to get what you pay for and buying cheap ribbons or labels can ruin your thermal print heads and cause snapping or tearing at the dispensing edge, which stops production.

Paper dust is a big issue because it gets under the label gap sensor and degrades stopping accuracy and hence the over-print can appear to be wandering or labels can appear to be not applying accurately.

This is why we make our own labels and produce our own high quality branded thermal transfer ribbons; to ensure our customers got the right materials and hence their labellers performed better, for longer. Our labels are manufactured with dust extraction and our cutting dies are kept sharp and renewed more frequently, to ensure only the face label material is cut – and not the backing!

What our engineers say

Here’s a little tip from our engineers – if you find your labels constantly snapping, remove a few from the backing and run a black marker pen gently over the whole area. If you see an outline of the label forming, then your labels are “die-struck”, in other words, they are cut through and the backing has been weakened and should be returned to the manufacturer!  Don’t blame the labeller, blame the labels!

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