The Expo Guide Scam – Don’t Be Caught Out

It would appear that those bogus Expo Guide con-men are still at it!  I myself got conned by this bunch of crooks about 10 years ago by simply adding ALS to what I thought was a free directory listing and then threatened with legal action over non-payment of a huge bill (whicjh I didn’t pay).  So when I saw this memo from David Harrison of the PPMA, our industry association here in the UK, I thought well done, this is the kind of active support a good association needs to provide.

From the PPMA:

Title: Expo Guide – read the small print please

Dear Mr Donaldson,

This is a very important message! Please do not be caught out !

BEWARE of this scandalous Expo Guide.

Expo Guide are continuously sending out letters to companies exhibiting at the PPMA Show and other Exhibitions in other markets. Designed to look like a simple free update on your company information from the Show organisers Expo Guide encourage you to sign and return this which they will then convert into a order for three years of advertising at a cost of 3000 Euros.

Inform your staff that this is a con.

If a member of your staff has been caught out and returned the form do not worry!  This is a long standing scam and the company involved has operated from countries in Europe; been closed down and now trade from Mexico. If you have returned a form you will get invoices, chase letters and even what looks like legal letters, DO NOT PAY ANYTHING.

What to do:

1. Call David Harrison at the PPMA Group of Associations on 020 8773 8111 quoting Expo Guide

2. Google “Expo Guide”, where you will find plenty of comment and experiences from other companies.

There is no doubt this is dubious practice, and has been going on for many years. We have not heard of any companies ever paying, or having to pay, the invoices once they have picked up on this unethical practice.

PPMA Group of Associations Team