New Print & Apply labeller is the quickest ever to change labels & ribbon

The XPA 934 Print & Apply Labeller launched in February by Advanced Labelling Systems Ltd (ALS), is the fastest and easiest machine on the market to change over labels and ribbons.  Helped by the short, simple, material path makes inserting a new roll of labels and ribbon so quick that it can be done easily under 60 seconds!  If you don’t believe us, watch the video!

With a very accessible print head with a wide opening and a host of automatic settings, there is little for the operator to do (or get wrong!).  Even the head pressure is controlled electronically, so narrow labels get the right pressure from wider labels.  Over-pressuring print heads is the prime cause for them wearing out too quickly.

Shorter down-times between change-overs, reduction of operator errors and automatic calibration makes the XPA 934 worthy of any busy production line.  Read more here:  XPA 924 Product Page