New EU law for food information for customers

On the provision of food information to consumers entered into application on December 13th 2014, the new EU Regulation is looking to provide nutrition information which will be implemented from December 13th 2016 onto all food products.

This new law by the EU adds two more rules to the legislation which are

  • 2000/13/EC– Labelling, presentation and advertising of food stuffs (applicable until December 12th 2014)
  • 90/496/EEC-Nutrition labelling for foodstuffs

But a few of the main changes you will see on future labelling for food products will be

  • Improved legibility of information (minimum font size for mandatory information)
  • Mandatory allergen information for non-prepacked food, including in restaurants and cafes
  • Clear indication of “formed meat” or “formed fish
  • Clear indication of defrosted
  • Specific information on the vegetable origin of refined oils and fats
  • Strengthened rules to prevent misleading practices

The new guidance on allergens will improve the information on labels giving the consumer more information as to what that food product contains. Here at Advanced Labelling Systems Ltd, we have a variety of customers in the food industry who have used our own contract labelling services to label their product. We can provide your company with the best in contract labelling services as we can label your new food product that contains the new information that meet the new EU guidelines.