Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

As temperatures plunged all over the UK again last night, a local village to us in Thame, Benson in Oxfordshire, was recorded at -18°C last night, the lowest along with another location in Greater Manchester. Yet despite the snow that arrived on Tuesday evening this week, ALS was open yesterday ready for business and again today. Fortunately, many of our office staff, workshop engineers and label production operators live locally and can walk to work, so we are lucky to be able to continue supporting our customers. Although site visits from engineers may still be unlikely in the current conditions, we are now getting deliveries of supplies and collections for goods out, so we expect the situation to improve, even if the temperatures don’t! If you find that you are running out of labels or thermal transfer ribbons or need a machine part, eg print head etc, then give us a call, many items are in stock!