FastPatch – New Solution for In-Line Carton Window Patching – Stand D10

FastPatch, from Advanced Labelling Systems Ltd (ALS), is a new range of super-clear, self-adhesive window patch labels for product cartons, designed for high-speed application on carton manufacturing lines.  For years, traditional window patches have been applied off-line, using large machines that cut rolls of clear material, apply adhesive and press the window shape on.  The process runs much slower than a carton line and results in the inefficiencies of double-handling through a second process and some are even sent out to be applied by contractors.  Window patch jobs generally have longer lead times and tie-up man-power.


The desire to create a self-adhesive version is not new but never before have all the requirements come together… until now:

  • Crystal clear visibility
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Applied at high-speed, in one pass

folding carton packaging

FastPatch labels from ALS are supplied on rolls and are created with permanent adhesive coated precisely to match the shape of the customer’s carton aperture, carried on a backing liner and then die-cut in register, with the excess waste removed, so it performs just like a regular label.  The difference is that no adhesive ever comes in contact with the centre of the label, so that it retains its clarity and is safe for food contact.  Being self-adhesive (pressure sensitive), once contact is made with the carton, it is instantly stuck down, so there is no “drying time”.  Materials available include PET, Acetate and LDPE.

Using the ALS FastPaQ range of machines, the ALS FastPatch labels can be applied at rates in excess of 180,000 per hour!!!

ALS will be demonstrating their new carton window patching concept for the first time at the Total Process and Packaging Show on the ALS stand D10. Watch the YouTube video: