Congratulations to one of our customers

Tapered Soup Container Labels for Success!

Tapered plastic containers are the packaging of choice for manufacturers of fresh, soups, broth and pasta sauces.  When labelled correctly, they look great, present the produce in an easy to use format, while being microwavable and the clear sides allow the customer to see the product before purchase.  Labelling such containers at speeds over 30 per minute takes care, to avoid wrinkles or skewing of the label on the product.  However, it all came good for one such customer, as reported by Laurence Gibbons via it was recently announced that The Scottish Soup Company have signed a £250K deal with supermarket giants Tesco to supply their product throughout Scotland, after only recently installing a new soup labelling line.

The Scottish Soup Company approached Advanced Labelling Systems Ltd last year, to design a machine to apply wrap around labels to tapered 600g soup containers at a rate of 40 ppm. The machine was built at our factory in Thame and installed in their Cumbernauld factory in November.

Custom Machines Designed & Built in Britain

We have a team of experienced engineers and technicians who are involved in the process from day one, providing consultancy and delivering solutions that will exceed your expectations, tailored directly to your needs.

Our experienced design engineers, using modern CAD methods, turn your requirements into reality, from stand-alone systems to complete in-line labelling solutions.

From working with an experienced team of technicians, you will be provided with a labelling system that works for you, within your budget and delivered on time.

For examples of the quality and variety of our solutions, view our special purpose machines where you will get an idea of the type of engineering challenges we take on.

We hope The Scottish Soup Company have a long and successful partnership with Tesco and also with ourselves here at Advanced Labelling Systems Ltd.