Comment: Sessions of York

This week’s news that the well known label manufacture and labelling machinery supplier, Sessions of York, had been placed into administration, although out-of-the-blue, did not come as a great surprise.  It was well-known that Chairman/MD Mark Sessions had been looking to retire from the family business and had publically placed the company up for sale nearly a year ago.  However from news reports, the sudden-ness of it all was a shock to the 100 or so employees, who had possibly ignored the tell-tale signs of a business fighting to stay afloat.  In the end, reportedly, rising costs and a highly competitive market place in a recessionary climate was clearly all too much for the company to take.

While Sessions of York has always been a competitor to ALS, we had a healthy respect for them – worthy adversaries, if you will!  So while, yes, the possible removal of a competitor could be treated with glee by some, most of us in the industry will feel it is a hollow victory, because maybe if it were not for some different business decisions, it could so easily have been any one of us.

While the devastation that must be felt by the employees right now, we can only empathise with, for their labelling machinery customers, who might also be feeling a bit vulnerable just now, trying to keep their label applicators running, at least ALS can offer some relief.  We can supply many spare parts for Sessions of York machines, including PCBs, motors, belts, print heads, ribbons and other items including those used in the Novexx and Avery Dennison range.  We hold 1,000’s of parts in stock, at ALS and also with our regional service engineers, based across the UK.

For spares, service and support, just call Jane on 01844 264822

For the Sessions employees, we wish you all well.  At ALS we are always on the lookout for good people and for those of you that held technical or Sales positions, please feel free to contact us, through Mrs Janet Wilson (email: janet.wilson@