Syringe Labelling Machine

ALS offer a custom solution for the application of self adhesive labels to the circumference of syringes, vials, and EPI penfills from 7mm to 50mm diameter.

Products are transported horizontally to the XLS 204 labelling head on an indexing, free-running roller conveyor. A product start signal allows the labelling head to dispense a label onto the circumference of the product. As the label is being applied, it is also being dressed using a top-mounted , motorised, wrap-around belt.

The XLS 204 labelling head has web-break, end of roll and missing label detection, conditions which when they occur, will stop the line. Along with a visual low label warning, the XLS 204 is very simple to set up and use. The machine is fitted with a 3-way precision lead-screw with digital position indicators which allows for highly accurate changes in height, plus two angular adjustments of the labelling head

The machine has 2 modes of operation:-

  • Continuous conveyor ’ random apply’ or
  • In Registration to a sensing mark on the circumference of the product

The ALS syringe labelling machine is capable of labelling up to 100 products per minute random apply and 50 products per minute in registration.

Options include:-

  • In-feed hopper
  • Vision system to detect position of applied label

The ALS syringe labeller can also be configured to label other cylindrical product e.g. batteries, sealant cartridges, cosmetics or pencils.

Technical specifications

Product diameter

From 7mm to 50mm

Labelling speed

Up to 100 ppm random apply
And 50 ppm in registration


In-Feed Hopper
Vision system to detect position of applied label


ALS Syringe Labeller (PDF, 1.01MB)