Label Applicator – Swing On (LA-SO)

Front-of-Pack Applicator

This swing-on front-of-pack applicator uses a pivoting arm to apply labels to the leading front face of moving products, without the need to turn the pack.  A label is dispensed onto the vacuum pad and applied by activating the pivoting the arm in front of the moving pack and then returning it quickly, ready to collect the next label.

  • Application of labels to products ranging from individual items to multiple boxes
  • Plug and play integration with:
  • High Output for top, side or leading edge application to products
  • Durable industrial design for reliable operation
  • Applies labels to moving products
  • Minimal wear parts mean minimal maintenance

Technical specifications

Label material

Self-adhesive label

Label width

Label width 80 – 150 mm

Material length

90 – 210 mm

Apply tolerance

+/- 2mm


Dependent on label size, material length, print speed, stroke length, label size, product speed, product length, product distance, and position of the label to the product.


LA-SO (PDF, 0.25MB)