Barcode Label Printers: XLP 514 and XLP 516

lndustrial all-round label printers for printing barcodes, fonts and graphics in high quality.

The versatile XLP 514 and XLP 516 barcode industrial label printers can print anything ranging from barcodes (linear, stacked and 2D), text, graphics, logos and other symbols onto paper, card, clear and other film materials at high speed, with a choice of print head resolutions that go all the way up to 600 dpi.

Whatever your application, your labels are produced quickly and simply.

Perfect matching of ribbons, label materials and print pressure allows the XLP printers to produce pin-sharp printed labels which can be scratch-resistant, weather-resistant and chemical resistant.  This makes them perfect for printing outer-box and outer-case barcode labels for shipping, compliance labels for electrical devices or food labels with weights, prices and ingredients – it’s up to you!  For serial-numbering of asset tracking labels, your products will be labelled for life and traceability is assured.  These demands are also placed on labels for supplied parts in the automotive industry, tracking individual parts such as wiring looms.  Printing Hazardous Chemical labels that need to meet BS5609 require the ultimate resistance from solvents, abrasion and readability after time in the ocean, is no problem, as there are approved resin-grade ribbons for the XLP printers.


The XLP 514 and XLP516 are the most efficient, easy to use, rugged label printers for the most diverse of applications.

User Friendly

A large, clear, colour LCD  along with straight-forward operating controls make it easy to work with the XLP 514 and XLP 516 barcode label printers. Labels and ribbons can be changed very easily, since the material feed opens at the side and it is also very easy to replace print heads and print rollers. No tools or special accessories are required to change the print head as the print pressure of the print head can be varied very easily using the adjustment wheel. In addition, the graphical, colour display shows status messages and menu guidance in a user-friendly manner.

Versatile & Precise

Depending on your requirements, the XLP 514 and XLP 516 can print various fonts, industry symbols, logos and barcodes on a range of different materials. The intelligent, robust design and well thought-out features are an additional bonus: such as the print module for the material feed and for maintaining the print head as well as the moveable label sensor.

Applicators & Accessories

A range of optional accessories are available such as; label rewinder, jumbo roll unwinder, cutter, stacker and a label peel & dispense kit with backing rewind.  You can hook up a barcode scanner, keyboard and download via USB or Ethernet.  An I/O board is available to allow low-level input control, signal output and PLC interfacing.  A complete, bolt-on, vacuum-tamp label applicator is available to turn your XLP printer into a print & apply labeller!  Contact us for more details!


ALS manufactures its own plain and printed labels for use in the XLP range and all other barcode label printers.  A huge selection of plain label sizes are available and if you want your own design, shape or special label material, then we make custom labels too.  To read more about the labels we make, click the link:

Thermal Transfer Ribbons

We also supply thermal transfer ribbons in various widths and lengths in black and all other colours too!  We can help you select the grade of ribbon you need to suit your labelling requirement such as wax, wax-resin or full resin.  We also supply ribbons for all other printer makes too.  To read more about our ribbons and order a sample roll, click the link:

GS1 Partner

If you need help producing your EAN-13 product barcode labels or GS1-128 outer-case barcodes for shipping, then as an accredited GS1 UK Partner, you know you are getting the best advice.


What is a barcode printer?

A barcode printer serves as a computer accessory that produces barcode labels or tags. These can be affixed to or directly imprinted on tangible items.

How do barcode printers work?

There are two types of barcode printers : direct thermal printers and thermal transfer printers. Direct thermal printers use a printhead to generate heat that causes a chemical reaction in specially designed paper that turns the paper black. Thermal transfer printers also use heat, but instead of reacting the paper, the heat melts a waxy or resin substance on a ribbon that runs over the label or tag material.



Technical specifications

Print width (up to)

XLP 514: 105.7mm
XLP 516: 168mm

Material width (up to)

XLP 514: 120mm
XLP 516: 185mm

Print Technology

Thermal transfer / Direct thermal

Print Resolution:

XLP 514: 203, 300 or 600 dpi
XLP 516: 203 or 300 dpi

Print Speed (up to)



32 Bit RMI CPU

Label Core Diameter

38mm, 76mm or 102mm

Material Thickness

Self-adhesive labels 60-160gsm / cardboard labels max 240gsm


Illuminated LCD colour graphics display

Size (HxWxD)

XLP 514: 272mm x 260mm x 462mm
XLP 516: 320mm x 260mm x 462mm


XLP 514: 14Kg
XLP 516: 18Kg


XLP 504-506 Barcode Label Printers (PDF, 1.72MB) EtiCAD-6 (PDF, 4.22MB)