Reconditioned Labellers

In these tough economic times, when we are seeing our customers tightening their belts and watching the pounds and pennies even closer than ever, it might be worth mentioning that we do recondition old machines. Quite often a reconditioned labelling machine will leave our factory looking like new, complete with a 12-month warranty, at half the price of a new system. Ok, it might not have all the bells and whistles of a modern-day labeller but it could be good enough for your current needs.

We had a customer come to our works recently to see his labelling machine before we shipped it and he walked straight past it, as it looked virtually brand new!

As most of our conveyors, stands and control units etc are made from stainless steel, even the most product-encrusted machines (and boy, have we seen a few!) can end up looking like we have just built them!

Another customer that visited us was interested in buying a new ALS 600 (a back and front container labeller) so came to ALS for a demo. He was concerned about labelling accuracy, which although it was impressing him now, would it still be this good in a few years time? He was astounded when we admitted that the machine he was looking at was actually 17 years old and one we had just finished refurb’ing. Enough said – we got the order that afternoon.

So if you think your budget won’t stretch to new equipment, you could do far worse than to consider the option to refurbish your existing labelling machinery or buy a pre-owned labeller.

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