New Linerless Label Applicator Launched

Advanced Labelling Systems Ltd (ALS) announce they will be demonstrating for the first time, at this year’s PPMA Show, a new linerless labelling module for the popular ALS 204 and ALS 206/256 label applicators, that allows Catchpoint linerless labels to be applied at full production speeds.

The benefits of linerless labels have been well documented:

–        More labels per roll results in less frequent label roll changes, so improves efficiency.

–        No backing equals less waste, therefore reduces landfill, so is good for the environment.

–        Fewer rolls take less space to store and are cheaper to ship, using less transportation fuel, so is good for the environment again.

Catchpoint is a different kind of linerless label….

Developed by Catchpoint Ltd, it is a brilliantly simple but clever new way of producing and applying labels without a backing liner that, importantly,does not require a cutting action to separate them.

Each label is defined by a pattern of micro perforations – “catch-points” that allow individual labels to be separated from the reel at speed but in a controlled manner, leaving a clean edge and with no delay in the labelling process.  Previous methods of linerless labelling have usually required the label to be first dispensed, then cut and then applied – a cycle time that is too slow for most primary product labelling requirements.  This is why linerless label applications have so far been constrained to relatively inaccurate, low volume demands or for outer case print and apply label applicators.

The potential for the greatest efficiency gains and reduced environmental impact is where the majority of all waste backing liner is used – where primary product labels are applied and this is where the Catchpoint method really starts to make sense.

“Real-Life” Labelling

The new Catchpoint linerless label applicator module, available in the UK from ALS, makes this a reality.

  • Labels are applied to products at line-matching speeds, with variable speed-following ability and with excellent placement accuracy.
  • Labels are applied directly to the product without the need for compressed air, vacuum pads or complex change-parts when swapping over to different size labels.
  • Using no hazardous cutting knives, it is safer to use, more reliable and easier to integrate on exisiting production lines than any other linerless method currently available.

Dual Media Capability

Once the linerless module has been installed, it can still handle regular self-adhesive labels with a backing, if required, to give the ultimate in flexibility and future-proofing.

Upgrade to Linerless

What’s more, the new linerless label module from ALS can be easily retro-fitted, so users with existing ALS200 Series machines can upgrade without having to buy a complete new machine.

Finally… if you thought linerless labels were always rectangular, think again!

If you want to see shaped, super-clear, pre-printed linerless labels being applied at rates exceeding 200+ bpm, then come and see the amazing Catchpoint linerless label applicator in action on the Advanced Labelling Systems Ltd stand C20 at the PPMA Show, NEC, 25-27 September.