How to …. label non-stop using 2 labellers

The problem with all label applicators is that eventually the label roll comes to an end and needs replenishing, usually requiring the line to stop momentarily while new labels are loaded by an operator. While this only takes a matter of minutes and is acceptable for many, when it comes to high-speed, high-capacity lines that need zero downtime, another approach is required.

One solution is the ALS automatic splicing dual-roll unwind (ASDU) machine that cleverly joins a new roll onto the end of an old roll of labels automatically. However, if you do not have the budget or the space for such a high-end machine, there is a lower cost alternative…. by placing two ALS labellers side-by-side, tandem-linked by a simple communication cable, one unit acts as the “master” and the other a “slave”. Both labelling machines count products in a shift register and monitor the speed of the line with a rotary encoder, so when the master runs out of labels, the slave kicks-in and carries on applying labels while the roll on the master is replenished.

Placing the master labeller back “on-line”, the switch back is handled seamlessly and throughout the whole process, not one single product is missed. Tandem labelling is an often over-looked ability which is actually a standard feature in most ALS label applicators – and has been for many years, so if you already have one of our machines and need to eliminate line stoppages due to label reel changes, adding another machine could be a very cost-effective solution. Contact us now to enquire about our special pricing deals for additional tandem labellers.