Calorie Labelling on wine products

In a bold move made by the Treasury Wine Estates, they have said they would be providing calorie information across its entire range of bottled wines in order to help consumers make more informed choices about what they do choose to drink.

It was in the early part of 2015 where Diageo (A British multinational alcoholic beverages company) became the first drinks producer to provide and commit to calorie labelling, confirming it would be adding nutritional information to all of its products.

Due to more and more interest from the consumer in regards to, what actually goes in these wine products, wine producers will start making this information available to its customers.

Members of the European Parliament met earlier this year to discuss a proposal of a potential new calorie labelling law and this was backed to be introduced which would make all drinks producers include the calorie content of its products, on its labels so that its customers would be able to view calorie information.

Although Calorie information will be provided onto the drinks label, it will also be available to view online, with a dedicated web address also printed on wine brand labels to help direct consumers to this information.

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