ALS Help Container Manufacturer Keep On Tracking

Advanced Labelling Systems Ltd (ALS) takes receipt of one of their biggest orders of the year.

An order for 60 print and apply and scanning systems, from a major plastics manufacturer with multiple production sites around the UK, will be using ALS equipment to placebarcoded tracking labels to their outer packaging, which is used exclusively for dairy product.

With already 12 systems installed, the roll-out, planned for the next few months will bring the total number up to 72 lines. The barcodes will be scanned at various stages in thelogistics supply chain, also supplied by ALS and logged by ALS custom-written software which integrates with the customer’s ERP computer system.

Each barcode will contain the line the product was produced on, the time, date and a unique serial number to trace every single item. The system meets the ever increasingly stringent food packaging regulations and the company will benefit from efficiencies in automation.