A product is not a brand until the label is applied

For most consumer products, the label identifies the brand and as such, it has a vital role to play. Therefore, to apply your brand labels incorrectly can erode the whole image, quality and, in these days of copy-cat cheap imports and supermarket own-brands, even cause consumers to question a product’s authenticity.

A high quality label applied with a wrinkle, crease, off-centre or skewed, is enough to stop a shopper from even picking it up off the shelf.  What’s more, back up the supply-chain, at the production end, unreliable labelling equipment causes downtime and costs money; not only through lost efficiencies but also quite often through wasted production, in the case of fresh foods.  Why spend millions on a production line and brand design, only to cut corners right at the end, by installing inferior labelling equipment that is not up to the job, when arguably, until the label is applied, no matter how premium your shampoo or ketchup actually is, until the label is applied, one bottle looks very much like another.  Therefore choose your labelling equipment supplier carefully, as your product’s brand image is much too precious to be left to chance.  Most credible labelling equipment providers will be able to either demonstrate aspects of their machinery for you so you can see the build quality or take you to existing happy customers and if they’re really confident, might even offer you a fully comprehensive 2-Year onsite warranty on their equipment.  Thankfully, Advanced Labelling Systems Ltd can do all three.