C-Wrap Tray Sleeve Labellers

3-Panel C-Wrap Labeller for Food Tray Decoration

The term C-Wrap labeller has come to be accepted as the method of applying a single, large label onto food packs, which is applied to three sides.  The nature of the shapes of food packs means that the resultant shape the label forms is often in the rough shape of the letter “C”.

C-Wrap Labelling typically has two formats:

  • Partially covering the top of the pack, then down one side, ending up underneath
  • Covering the top of the tray and applied down the two opposite sides

This solution presents a robust and cost-effective alternative to traditional cardboard sleeves, using self-adhesive labels that allow for consistent and accurate label placement and do not move after application, making them more secure.

A high-quality sleeve “look” can be achieved with the advantage of being able to choose where the label is placed.  Multiple positions can be chosen and stored in the label applicators memory for label placement and these can be easily recalled when needed.

The self-adhesive C-Wrap label is automatically applied directly to the container’s lid and dressed down the sides, offering the following benefits:

  • Large area for product image, information, ingredients and nutritional details
  • Tamper-evident – clearly shows if the lid has been opened
  • Improved Presentation – will not move or fall off in transit
  • Security – no possibility of customer switching in-store

ALS C-wrap labeller machines can handle standard thermo-formed trays of various sizes and can be quickly modified to accommodate size changes between batches.  The system can be integrated with an existing packing line or can be provided as a stand-alone unit.

Thermal coders from a range of manufacturers can be fitted for expiry date and batch coding.


Greencore Salad Packs


What is food labelling?

Food labelling or nutrition facts label is a mandatory label on the majority of pre-packaged foods in numerous countries, indicating the nutrients and additional ingredients contained in the food.

Why is food labelling important?

Food label information aims to empower consumers in making informed food decisions. The front, back, and sides of packaging are printer with details to inform us about the contents of the food and to assist in choosing healthier processed food options.

Technical specifications

Label width

10 to 250mm

Label length

Up to 350

Label roll size

400mm max diameter

Core diameter


Label Rewind

Collapsible, driver mandrel


+/- 1mm

Control Panel

6 membrane keys & LED display

Dispensing Speed

0.5 to 50 metres/minutes

Labelling Rate

100 Trays/minute average (depending on label/tray size)


1500mm (L)
920mm (W)
1880mm (H)


TrayFix (PDF, 1.74MB)