SmartDate Thermal Transfer Coders

X40, X40-IP, X60 and X60/128

The industry-leading SmartDate® Thermal Transfer Coders from Markem-Imaje are available from Advanced Labelling Systems Ltd for integration with our range of industrial label applicators, using a standard mounting bracket that fits to ALS labellers’ coder bars.

SmartDate® X40 has its emphasis on reducing total cost of ownership and minimising impact on the environment, while enhancing the standards of thermal transfer technology.  It represents an advanced coding solution that can be easily fitted to an ALS label applicator and benefits include; long-term cost control, reduced wastage, greater uptime and increased performance on the line, even in harsh manufacturing conditions.  The water resistant X40-IP model can be used with the XLS 204-IP label applicator, to create the ideal print and apply labelling combination for use in or around wash-down areas, where moisture can be an issue.

Operation optimisation features include; real-time access to ribbon status and dot health monitoring, 1,100 m standard ribbon length for more up-time, along with intelligent, easy and secure job management which reduces human error.

SmartDate® X60 and X60/128 build on the principals of the X40 and deliver consistent high-quality coding at faster speeds and wider printing up to 128 mm, ideal for nutritional labels, ingredients and multi-pack applications. Proven SmartDate technology ensures efficient printing even at speeds up to 1,800 mm per second with the ultra-quick X60s!

Printer and Cassette

  • Durable wear resistant design.
  • Adaptable for intermittent or continuous line configuration.
  • Left or right hand operation.
  • Meets extreme production line speeds.
  • Multiple ribbon-save features.
  • Industry leading 0.5 mm gap between prints.
  • Capable of serialised 2D codes and traditional linear barcodes.


  • Colour touch-screen and control via web pages.
  • Dedicated buttons for frequently used functions.
  • USB for image and file data transport.
  • Equipped with power save mode.

Dependable Thermal Transfer Technology

Thermal transfer technology combines a thermal printhead and a polyester ribbon coated with ink on one side. Heat transfers the ink from the ribbon onto the packaging film that is marked as it passes under the thermal print head. The thermal print head is made up of a row of independent tiny resistors mounted on a ceramic support. These resistors are then activated based on the characters to be printed, melting the ink on the ribbon and “transferring” the selected characters to the packaging film.

There are two types of thermal transfer coders depending on the application:

Intermittent mode:  Packaging film advances and then stops.  The print head lowers, moves along the packaging film and ribbon.  The print head prints.  The print head is raised, and returns to the home position, the ribbon advances and the process is repeated.

Continuous mode:  The packaging film is constantly moving.  When triggered, the ribbon accelerates to the film speed, the print head is lowered and printing begins. At the end of printing the print head is raised to the home position and the ribbon stops moving.


  • Designed to print crisp, clean codes on a variety of substrates used in retail food and food service – even on packaging lines that run around the clock.
  • High quality, permanent codes on pharmaceutical packaging materials such as labels, blister packs and films.
  • Whether you’re producing trial sizes or family packages, SmartDate® thermal transfer coders are ideal for printing directly on labels or flexible film.
  • Markem-Imaje works closely with the leading OEM’s in the packaging industry to ensure our products are designed for easy installation. Our products include an option to connect via a web browser as to integrate the coder controls to host packaging machines.

Service and Support

By specifying your label applicator fitted with a SmartDate printer through Advanced Labelling Systems, you can be sure of getting the best of both Worlds:- all the backup and support of Markem-Imaje along with the labelling experience and know-how of ALS.


We sell a range of quality thermal transfer ribbons for use in all makes of thermal transfer printers, coders and print and apply machines, in different grades, colours and widths, which are back-coated, to help prolong the life of your print heads.

Technical specifications

Print Width

X40: 32mm or 53mm
X60: 53mm
X60s: 53mm
X60/128: 128mm

Print Length

X40: 100mm (cont.), 75mm (int.)
X60: 150mm (cont.), 75mm (int.)
X60s: 100mm
X60/128: 150mm (cont.), 75mm (int.)

Print Speed - Normal (300dpi) vs Hi-Speed

X40: 600mm/sec
X60: 1,000mm/sec
X60s: 1,000mm/sec or 1,200mm/sec in HS mode
X60/128: 700mm/sec

Print Speed - Digital Ribbon-Save Mode

X60: 1,200mm/sec
X60s: 1,800mm/sec

Ribbon Length

X40, X60: 1,100m
X60/128: 900mm

Ribbon Save Modes

Interlace Mode: All models
Radial Mode: All models
Multi-Print Signal: All models
Negative Ribbon Advance: All models
Digital Print Mode: X60 and X60s only


X40: Intermittent or Continuous
X60: Combined
X60s: Continuous Only
X60/128: Combined

Left/Right Hand

All models: Easy change, no parts required.

IP Protection Kit available



X40, X60: 255mm x 226mm x 180mm
X60/128: 253mm x 261mm x 182mm


X40, X60: 7.8kg
X60/128: 10.2kg


SmartDate Thermal Transfer Coder Series from ALS (PDF, 2.18MB) SmartDate Brochure X40 and X40-IP from ALS (PDF, 0.98MB) SmartDate Brochure X60 from ALS (PDF, 0.98MB) SmartDate Brochure X60-128 from ALS (PDF, 0.94MB)