Second-Hand Print & Apply Labellers

Hot on the heels of my post two weeks ago (Reconditioned Labellers), about the increased interest we’ve seen recently for good quality second-hand labelling machinery, we have secured a whole factory-load of print and apply case labellers from a customer that went into administration recently. Now, completely refurbished, they are good as new again and available at bargain prices. These are heavy-duty ALX 3138 Tamp-Blow machines, integrated with Zebra PAX thermal transfer print engines and adjustable floor stands, all of which have been reconditioned by ALS and now available with a full 12 month on-site warranty. To buy new, the ALX 3138 is not a cheap machine but then again, it is built to be a real work-horse, designed for continuous operation in factory and warehouse environments, so bag yourself an absolute bargain and contact us soon to secure yours!